Nelson Tavares began his professional activity in the construction sector in 1992 in a family business. Soon he realizes that results from a work capacity, knowledge, experience and dedication of the various actors involved, checking in most situations a missing element that would ensure proper connection between them. It was founded in 1998 to NST Construções of which he is founder and manager, proposing to fill this gap in the sector.

In NST Construções, the beginning of in any new construction is preceded by a detailed analysis of projects, followed by preparatory meetings  with all stakeholders (engineering and architecture, client and subcontractors), where they discussed the details of implementation, ensuring works where the total satisfaction is our motivation, while reducing the costs associated with corrections. Driven by results and customer satisfaction, the NST in 2007 extends its activity to the industrial sector and in 2009 iimplements the rehabilitation of buildings.

The NST Construções has a human resource structure based on the real needs in terms of quantity and highly trained and dedicated to the coordination and supervision of subcontractors when needed. Our team improved results from a choice among the best partners (engineers, architects, designers, suppliers and subcontractors) over the years, not only in quality and price, but also meeting the deadlines.

We execute each project with the ambition of the first and last experience. We work to ensure that all references are to future customers. We are demanding, especially with us!